Monday, June 1, 2009

EA's Conference

Okay, So I think I get why I didn't like Microsoft's conference so much. Watching the EA conference was all about the GAMES. Microsoft pushed their games to be sure. But then they ramble on about stuff that is on the periphery. Stuff that is not playing games, and thats what I want to play games. 
EA being a mere publisher is only concerned with their games and so thats all they showed. Bringing in the devs, and pushing their partner plan.
The games they showed look nice. 

The Old Republic's cinematic was amazing, and definitely raised the hype for the game itself.

Brutal Legend looks good.
Just glad to get a look at the games. Trying to sell your system is completely outside of my concerns. The games are why I game, not because it plays music/movies/TV/lets me blog on my TV... 

Apparently Ubisoft has a conference later today. What could they show?

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