Thursday, November 27, 2008

Post War Analysis

World at War analysis I should clarify.

So I've beat it and toyed around in multi-player. And well, I think was hitting the singleplayer a little hard for things that maybe didnt deserve it. Overall that is a moderately emotional game. So I think they should be commended for that. However the overall gameplay within that emotional game cannot be called as moderately good. It does what CoD 4 does but at best it matches it. Usually it isnt as good though. 
If we start talking about multi-player though. Then the game deserves some cookies. This game is a good game to play with others. First of all. Tanks. They are fun, or annoying when the other team has 4 of them all over the map. But if you build your class properly and are careful against them (like you should be when facing a tank) then you can be a thorn in their side. Of course if they complement their tanks with supporting infantry, well you're teams in trouble. 

Now i just wish i could find some servers with decent latency to me. But usually I looking at 100 for a low ping. In Source games i can usually find hundreds of games with pings that are 50 or lower. But The multi-player is still quite fun, and If you love Call of Duty 4, but want more. This is it.

Left 4 Dead will be my next topic to discuss. Whenever I get around to it.


It's My Multiplayer Game of The Year.

Friday, November 21, 2008

More CoD 5 Rambling

Just to make it short. Fun game. Although Singleplayer has some very poor design choices. Not the gameplay. Gameplay typically is fine (albeit that sniper bullshit still pisses me off). Multi-player is CoD 4 with new skins. So it's still great. Few new modes even.

So it appears that While most of the time the Japanese simply up and Ran straight at the Americans in Bonzai charges, there was a few cases where they did not. Noticably on Peliliu. How on that island they actually never Bonzai charged. So when the game depicts them doing it there they really shouldnt be. They had all these secret hole that they could jump out of and then kill a few americans and retreat into them again. The game has them come out of the holes, but then just bonzai rush you.
Also the Makin campaign makes no sense to me. There is 2 traps set up for your squad. But the thing is the Makin raid was a surprise raid. Why the fuck would the Japanese have traps set up on and Island that they dont think is coming under attack yet? Exactly they didnt. The Makin raid surprised them and was a pretty decent surprise attack. But the Navy decided they would stick with ambibious landings.

Oh and the Russian campaign this time around is utter crap. When it isnt being a stupid ass sniper mission that is obviously trying to copy CoD 4's "All Ghillied Up", it is pounding your ass with a Miracle shot German sniper. This campaign alternates between stupidly easy and stupidly tough (I was playing on Hard, so i do expect a challenge). The thing is the main reason I suffered was that your guy calling shit out says stuff like "He's behind the car!" and there are three cars out there. Awesome. Fucking awesome.
Oh and then there is a intro-animations which seem like some ultra-bs-patriot garbage shit that could not have been used at the time. See the thing is the intro's are very much like CoD 4. But CoD 4 got away with those because we have that technology for briefing our troops going into the field. In World War II they did not. Look at how CoD 1 & 2 handled intro cut-scenes. They used military maps, on projectors and slides, and gave you diary entries to read. So that it actually felt authentic.

I mean the game itself is good. Mostly. And Multi-player doesnt suffer from these because it gets the benefit of being an arbitrary fight between two sides that ressurect every 5 seconds. It's just there are some strange choices. And I Swear if I hear that damn Reznof or whatever cry for German blood one more time, I'mma kill the racist bastard. He's one step away from screaming "RAPE THEIR WOMEN AND CHILDREN!" which is something that I'm sure many Soviet troops cried as they entered Germany, but that doesnt mean I want to play a game about it. There is a point where historical accuracy should take a backseat.  Honestly the push into Berlin the worst feeling I have ever had playing a game. Shooting troops in the back on their homeland has no good feelings to it. Especially when the CO is goading all the troops on like some racist prick. I mean somehow they had to differentiate this from the push on Berlin that happened in the other CoD games.But Taking it this direction... bad call. 

Guess I'll finish the rest of the game now. Thank god I think the Russian crap is over. I really want to play the first two (+the expansion) over again though. Play some well done russian campaigns.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Apologies

For you know.

The lack of posts. Essays and studying does not promote good blog keeping.

Also the want to spend what little time I do have playing games futher inhibits my ability to write here. 

So this will just be a quick update.

Fallout 3

Awesome, Very good RPG. Best one since the Witcher & Mass Effect.

Valkyria Chronicles

Really amazing art, fun twist on turn based combat. Neat story, that draws some strange parallels to the real world. I'm really enjoying it.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

It is a Naruto game for the Naruto fans. The presentation is good, but a little underwhelming if you dont know whats going on. Very little effort to cover everything about the story, so it is clearly made for those who already know it. The graphics are amazing however. This generation of video games have really figured out how to bring Anime into 3D engines. Oh and the specials in the fights. Wow. Just Wow.

Wrath of the Lich King

Oh I dont play WoW. So yea it's probably more of the same though.

Left 4 Dead (demo)

Its interesting very fun when it doesnt lag out, and everyone understands what they are doing. Should be good to get to fully play a campaign and also try out the VS. mode.

Call of Duty 5 (World at War)

It is Call of Duty 4 in WWII. The multiplayer is literally exactly what you saw in CoD4 but with more. If you really like the setting I suppose it could be worth it. However seeing the Japanese portrayed as tactical geniuses in those Island battles is just nuts. Honestly they used Bonzai attacks over and over and over. And typically suffered 7 men dead to kill one American and wound a few others. Guess gameplay trumps historical accuracy. Meh long as its fun I guess.

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