Friday, April 17, 2009

More Cheese With That Demigod Whine.

Okay, so Demigod. 

I'm still playing it. Multi-player is easier to connect now that a patch hit. And the number of players playing it has really jumped up, so that is heart-warming, and makes me think that the game really does have a future, contrary to my previous posting.

There are still many issues that make playing the game frustrating. Like most abilities seem to be limited only by your mana reserves rather than by cooldowns. This means a good ability can be spammed to hell once you buy mana boosting shit. But overall I think there is alot more good in the game than bad. 

Its pretty, competitive, challenging and most of all, pretty fun. Now if only the average length of a game could get shortened by 10 minutes. I'm sick to death of every game ending in one hour or more.
But I heartily recommend Demigod, although I still think DotA is at the moment a better game. DotA does not have the maps, the graphics, the stat tracking, the achievements, the favour items, the diversity of different match types. So Demigod is looking better everyday. 
Cheers. and Ciao.

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