Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Just A Dwarf Stuck in a Horrible Mess of a Situation

So LotR: Online  apparently recently hit its two year anniversary and was offering the game + expansion for 9.99, with a sale of monthly credit at 9.99 a month as well. 
Having literally just finished university I realized I would need a time sink, and immediately began my quest in Middle Earth as a Dwarf champion (a DPS tank).

How is the game might be a question to ask. But put simply the game is World of Warcraft, with a gritty style of graphics, and the Lord of the Rings mythology. Which is another way of saying that it is absolutely awesome. Assuming you enjoy Lord of the Rings. And it follows the books, so lovers of the cut material can rejoice, the Barrow-Downs are in.

Of course the game has numerous differences from WoW, most quite subtle, but overall the game works, has a nice community (from what I've seen so far, I typically solo in MMOs) and has one hell of a bitching player driven music scene that is pretty awesome when you're in town and hear 3 people just jamming on their horns and lute's. 
I am very pleased with it overall and shall resume my adventure, I have recently met Strider and shall help him.


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