Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Like To Think April Brings Out The Best of My Worst Qualities

Having the new computer back is great fun indeed. Until I realize of course that I have dozens of "new" games to play through. Meh, could be worse.

Currently I'm looking at many, many games.

Assassin's Creed; Also known as spider man without all the swinging, and slightly more lethal.

Brother's In Arms: Hell's Highway; Also known as shootie Mc-Think or Shoot.

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valour; Also known as dear sweet god never let this pleasure end, or what over so soon?

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope; Also known as lolita monster rape-esqueish. With Swords. (Technically a 360 game, but meh)

The Club; Also known as I hate you on the inside and the outside so why would I run on your PC?

Unreal Tournament 3; Also known as Mc-Shootie Shooter with strange and diverse weapons and scenarios beyond deathmatch, but still very Quake-esque.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary; Also known as Face Lift the poor old girl's control schematics but not combat. 

Demi-God; Also Known as I'm not actually out till Tuesday the 14th so squirm little man.

Empire: Total War; Also known as I'll take your natives, your women, your forts, your cities, your colleges, your ships, and your monies. But you can keep the 20,000 dead you committed to defending your capital. Also who cares if the British are your archenemies why would you ally with someone against them? They'll just buy Louisana first chance a crazy midget emperor gives them the chance.

Thats pretty much it. I mean job 'questing' begins soon, which hopefully will end nicely and if it doesnt things will get strange. But meh.

I continue to put hours into L4D, half done expert, and the new stuff arrives in a week or so. TF2 continues to delight. Waiting on final piece of DLC for Fallout 3. Working my way through Dawn of War 2  on Primarch which is interesting. But in a good way. And Defense Grid's challenge mission is being a bitch. I have missed gold by like 80 points 3 times in a row. what the fuck is it's problem. 
Oh and I'm also going through the back catalog of Steam games for fun stuff. It includes Max Payne 2; Dark Messiah of Might & Magic; Bioshock; Half-Life series; GTA IV; Titan Quest; And Call of Duty 4 & 5 (4's Multiplayer, 5's singleplayer); and then some Alien Shooter Vengeance.
And I'm finally getting back into The World Ends With You, awesome rpg for the DS.
because i havent said enough game titles in this post.
yeesh. Ciao. Enjoy your finals if you're writing them.

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