Thursday, November 27, 2008

Post War Analysis

World at War analysis I should clarify.

So I've beat it and toyed around in multi-player. And well, I think was hitting the singleplayer a little hard for things that maybe didnt deserve it. Overall that is a moderately emotional game. So I think they should be commended for that. However the overall gameplay within that emotional game cannot be called as moderately good. It does what CoD 4 does but at best it matches it. Usually it isnt as good though. 
If we start talking about multi-player though. Then the game deserves some cookies. This game is a good game to play with others. First of all. Tanks. They are fun, or annoying when the other team has 4 of them all over the map. But if you build your class properly and are careful against them (like you should be when facing a tank) then you can be a thorn in their side. Of course if they complement their tanks with supporting infantry, well you're teams in trouble. 

Now i just wish i could find some servers with decent latency to me. But usually I looking at 100 for a low ping. In Source games i can usually find hundreds of games with pings that are 50 or lower. But The multi-player is still quite fun, and If you love Call of Duty 4, but want more. This is it.

Left 4 Dead will be my next topic to discuss. Whenever I get around to it.


It's My Multiplayer Game of The Year.

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