Friday, November 14, 2008

My Apologies

For you know.

The lack of posts. Essays and studying does not promote good blog keeping.

Also the want to spend what little time I do have playing games futher inhibits my ability to write here. 

So this will just be a quick update.

Fallout 3

Awesome, Very good RPG. Best one since the Witcher & Mass Effect.

Valkyria Chronicles

Really amazing art, fun twist on turn based combat. Neat story, that draws some strange parallels to the real world. I'm really enjoying it.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

It is a Naruto game for the Naruto fans. The presentation is good, but a little underwhelming if you dont know whats going on. Very little effort to cover everything about the story, so it is clearly made for those who already know it. The graphics are amazing however. This generation of video games have really figured out how to bring Anime into 3D engines. Oh and the specials in the fights. Wow. Just Wow.

Wrath of the Lich King

Oh I dont play WoW. So yea it's probably more of the same though.

Left 4 Dead (demo)

Its interesting very fun when it doesnt lag out, and everyone understands what they are doing. Should be good to get to fully play a campaign and also try out the VS. mode.

Call of Duty 5 (World at War)

It is Call of Duty 4 in WWII. The multiplayer is literally exactly what you saw in CoD4 but with more. If you really like the setting I suppose it could be worth it. However seeing the Japanese portrayed as tactical geniuses in those Island battles is just nuts. Honestly they used Bonzai attacks over and over and over. And typically suffered 7 men dead to kill one American and wound a few others. Guess gameplay trumps historical accuracy. Meh long as its fun I guess.

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