Friday, September 10, 2010

Musical Memories

Funny how listening to a new album when you're reading/playing/experiencing something new will bond the two memories together. I've got a couple to share here.

Fire Emblem + Green Day's "Dookie"

Pretty simple, although I had first heard Dookie literally a decade early on a cassette walkman while visiting Cape Breton so maybe Dookie just bonds with my memories better than it should. Anyways I digress, bought Fire Emblem and Dookie on CD from FutureShop, put the CD in my portable CD player, and put Fire Emblem into my GBA SP, and I just remember playing thru the tutorial to Welcome to Paradise, Basket Case, & Longview. The fact that Fire Emblem remains one of my top 5 favorite series likely helps the memory survive.

Franz Ferdinand's "This Fire" + Horrible Horrible Love Pains + Burnout 3

Okay this one's ugly, And I've deleted every copy of This Fire that I have because of the memory, although I'd probably be okay nowadays it was rough for a bit; talking 'bout eyes swelling bad. Anyways the weird thing is I got the song stuck because Franz Ferdinand was a British band (Maybe just UK?) and this girl had gone off to Europe, and the song was in Burnout 3 which literally had you driving around Europe and somehow my brain connected them all into this. I also can't play Burnout 3, but since Burnout 2 and Paradise are so much better anyways thats no loss. 

Scott Pilgrim Comics + Hawksley Workman's "Milk"

This one is very recently actually, but started reading the Books when I was on a plane to PAX and turned the new Workman album on my MP3 player. They bonded up quite nicely what at least I like to envision that they will continue to stand up in my memory.

Metric's "Live It Out' + Douglas Adams' "Dirk Gently"

Pretty much the same as above, replace plane with city transit and rain and you've got memories for life baby cakes. Good tunes with an... interesting... book. 

MachineHead's "From This Day" + DBZ
I've seen alot of DBZ music videos, but for some reason this one I saw stuck... Okay maybe the Limp Bizkit "Break Stuff" will also occupy the same place but they're both pretty awesome. Also I find it kinda funny that alot of my first exposure to music was via DBZ music videos.

My Chemical Romance + Dad has a Heart Attack
Most people dislike them because they're super pop-rock, and I won't deny that, but to me they'll always be the music I was listening to when I found out my Dad was in the hospital, and left me feeling like a bomb had just gone off in my head and all I could hear was some emo-bullshit about pain and other crap that couldn't even match the real deal.

Tea Party + 9/11
Defining moment of my life. Probably. If there's one thing that constantly reminds me off the fact that the western world's prosperity is built upon the backs of the southern hemisphere these would be it. Sitting around a table in high school, learning that the impossible had just happened. That something I had just casually ignored as a prank that morning on my way to school was in fact, well fact. It was scary, and there was this damn song from my friend's portable CD player and I didn't really get it, I would but not for a few years. 

T.Rex (Pretty any of his songs) + Awesomeness time with Dad

Okay so you're 4 years old, your Dad plays his favorite record's and you proceed to develop a new definition for rock'n horsey. I just assumed that the rocking horse was to be used when listening to rock'n roll music. To better get into the 'rock'. Yea my Dad is all sorts of awesome. Sometimes. 

Slipknot + Teenage Angst 

To be fair I never actually had teenage angst when I was a teenager. I didn't really start with that until my university years when I began to realize just how truly scary life can actually be. Needless to say certain Slipknot songs can really bring out some memories for me and are pretty handy at bringing the tears on, which is handy when you need an outlet.

So now the only question is what music will forever bond me with my new car? Hard to say.

But I'm just gonna toss out Tegan & Sara's new album because I don't have it yet and I really want to get it. It shall be.
Oh yea. I'm back. So yea... Howdy.

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