Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Ever Could I Have Been Up To

Ahh yes. The posting of things that are important about the commentary of video gaming and so on. Well I'll have you know that I have no good reason for the delay. Surely I could try to argue that the search for employment has driven me straight into a despondent state of depression. But that would be a lie. I could argue that I have successfully found a new career and the pursuit of it in earnest has delayed my gaming greatly. That too would be a lie. 
Simply put, I forgot. But here is a quick summary of what games I've been playing.

DotA: Playing the shit outta this, new patch is awesome.

TF2: Also playing it a lot. Working on my scout. Found a rather interesting server where they loathe people who use any of the weapon unlocks. Being called a 'cunt scout' is annoying but then that is why there is mute. 

Crimson Gem Saga: Oi, the game is fun, but annoying. It is really old school. Which is great and not so great. 

Super Robot Taisen OG Endless Frontier: Combat is awesome to watch, everything else is sorta like some strange mash-up involving stuff, with nice pictures of very attractive anime gals.

Knights in the Nightmare: Okay now this game is like out there. I cannot possible describe it but here goes anyways. You are the stylus, and you have troops, but they do not move and they cannot attack unless you possess (you're like a ghost thing). You do not have a life bar, but a time bar. When time runs up your turn ends. Any enemies you killed get respawned (although you can partially control which enemy spawns) and you can reposition your troops. Your troops have a finite amount of attacks, and they can be given weapons that let them use skills which do the bulk of your damage, although weapons can only be used so often. Luckily you find lots of weapons so you can upgrade and combine to ensure they do not break or run out. Your troops however can only get more attacks by sacrificing them to another troop. Which means you have to play favorites. However the more used a troops is when sacrifice the greater the benefit.  

Needless to say this game is deep. Like really deep. But the actual mechanics once you figure them out are pretty simple.

Oh I should add the game is also a pseudo-bullet hell game. Yea. It is out there.

Lord of the Rings Online: Still working away at it. 

Sid Meier's Railroads!: Great little game for unwinding while listening to a podcast or something.

Rumor is there is something going down next week. My guess is Lemmings is back. 

And Starcraft II appears to have let the press into a Beta of some kind. And the beta is suppose to go on for at least 4 months. Which is nuts. But hey, it might be balanced. Probably not, but whatever.
Well there you have an update. Oh I'm also replaying Uncharted on the hardest difficulty, because I figure I should get at least one Platinum trophy.

Okay that will do. I'll try to think up some grand gaming conundrum for my next post. I swear it wont be about Demigod. I'm swearing it off from this blog forever. 


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