Saturday, March 7, 2009

Time Apart Really Makes Me Miss You

Why?  Most likely because you leave all these unresolved feelings that demand to get out but you have no way of releasing them.

Of course I refer to my PC which died a few weeks back. Which sucks, but I have classes to worry about (something about a Term paper for a seminar course) and also I have plenty of other games to get into. 

But then I remembered that my Space Marines had not yet saved the day, and that Empire: Total War came out last week, and the tears, well they did not flow, but inside they did. And the TF2 Scout update (which isnt that big a deal because my old PC can play TF2 just fine). And there was my Farcry 2 game which remained unresolved. 
Man, I really want my PC back.
It really reminds me that the good games call you back after time spent playing something else. Sure I'll always dive into the new games, but the truly great ones bring you back. I'm not sure that any of the ones mentioned above will do that in the future but maybe they will.
So my point?

That great games are defined by how long you can keep coming back to the well over and over again. And right now I think I'll list some games that have already accomplished this feat for me.

Warcraft 3: Oh the mods, the gameplay, it is to die for.

Zelda OoT: I mean come on.  Its the Zelda game you have to play.

Diablo 2: Because they mastered the flow of killing demons and evil things perfectly, hopefully the sequel finally wrests it away.
Chrono Trigger:  Man, this game is probably the best RPG you can play. It is purely exquisite, even after playing through it half a dozen times I still love playing through it.
Duke Nukem 3D: He's the king of innovative level design. Along with hilarious enemies I usually get pulled back in every coupla years.

Well that'll have to do for now. And I'll end this post with a quote that has shown up far, far, far too often in the past few days for me.

You Are Likely To Be Eaten By A Grue.

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