Monday, March 24, 2008

Long Time No See Huh?

Busy Busy. Well I'll try to say something about something now. Since i feel all guilty about neglecting this tiny portion of my life. Seems with my limited time I'd rather just play games than write about them, but here goes anyhoo.
N+ is fun. very very fun little challenging Ninja gold gathering platforming game. Lots of skill involved but very rewarding once you get it down. Overall I'd recommend most people get the demo and if they like it then buy it. Its $10. and there is a lot of value in this with something like a couple hundred levels.
Playing through Mass Effect again. This time as a jack ass character, quite fun, although being this much of a douche bag doesnt feel right. I'm a mild jackass in real life, but Bioware always gets the writing perfect so when you're a douche scumbag that is really how it comes off. Although its nowhere near as bad as i felt playing darkside in KotOR... some parts where you basically destroy innocent lives is absolutely stomach wretching stuff.
And I think I'll get Rainbow Six: Vegas: 2, because i dont have the first and the whole leveling up in a FPS is mindlessly addicting to me.
The Club refuses to work on my PC, so i went through the whole customer service jive and all they came up with was a resounding.
"Are you sure you purchased your copy from a reputable store?"
Which is really just the polite way of telling me that they feel I have a pirated copy of the game. Pricks. If you're gonna accuse me of something then fucking have the balls to come out and say it. Dont dance around the damn issue. Fact is I bought the game through Steam. And I've gotten maybe 2 hours of play in roughly 5 minute intervals at best because it randomly kicks me back to desktop... I could live with that... if logging into Games for Windows Live (henceforth to be called GFWL) didnt take 5 minutes by itself.
They say a patch is in the works. And I'm a nice guy so if it ends up making the game work, then all will be forgiven. If not, well sorry Bizarre Creations, you'll never get a cent from me again.
Too bad too, the game itself is pretty fun. From what I've played anyways. Nothing exceptional, just above average shooting thats really really fun.

Devil May Cry 4 Review:
Full review soon. As in after my term paper is done in my Seminar Course. Sorry but I've got the Battle of Kursk on the brain.
Heres a snippet of Devil May Cry 4 though.
If you enjoy crazy action, nonsense stories that make no sense unless you abandon rational thought, and scantily clad gals every now and then. Well you may just like the game. Luckily difficulty is not an issue. The easy difficulty makes the game very, very, very easy. But everything above it should give a fairly decent challenge. You'll have to grind up your skills a bit if you start on the Demon Hunter difficulty, but overall its not too difficult. Just dont expect to beat every boss on the first fight, you will need to learn attack patterns and such. Playing on the higher difficulty levels however really boosts the game's challenge, especially since it throws new combinations of enemies for you to fight that you otherwise wouldnt see at all (I'm looking at you Mr. Lightning guy who annoys the crap outta me!)

Well that'll do.
Oh and Smash Bros. Brawl. Get it now if you have friends to play with. Not a better fighting game out until Soul Calibur 4. And this one gets bonuses for hilarious fights that you will enjoy even when you lose. Thats a good game. You lose and still enjoy it.

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