Sunday, December 23, 2007

Um Hi, Introductions and Intentions.

So Hello. And welcome, however you found this blog. Although i find the likelihood of that questionable at best;
I can at the very least amuse myself to some extent
I suppose i need to talk about something, so I've wanted to get started on this blog dealy thing for quite some time now.
The idea behind it is a "sober" opinion, that would be my opinion, on the video gaming scene.
I really do not want to talk about personal issues. Suffice it to say that i'd like to keep this blog on a specific topic.
Gaming specifically. Well and other geek type stuff, like comics, anime and TV/Movies. Maybe a lil music. But since i mostly spend my time absorbing gaming tidbits, thats pretty much what i know best.
Specifically PC Gaming. But i try to follow the whole industry.

I'll think I'll try to start with a teaser for my next post. I'll do a Top 10 games of 2007. And by 2007, i mean the last 5 months of 2007 because honestly any game that comes out between January to June gets forgotten in the glut of holiday gaming goodness.
Evidence: Resident Evil 4.
So theres the Teaser, for the next post. 

But before i go, I'll toss out some personal details. 
I'm Ryan, from Canada. In Alberta. Thats enough geographics for now.
I'm currently in University and study History, mainly military stuff, but general history is nice too. 
For god knows what reason, I suppose i really do enjoy the courses, but thats not gonna help once i start job hunting in 2009.
I currently work in retail, more or less smashing my face into the counter for shits and giggles.
But sometimes i get to inform the less informed masses about video games, and try to keep licensed games out of their hands.
Apparently i'm a very distant person. But i'm actually just shy and dont want to break the ice.
Oh and I live a "clean" lifestyle. Thats sorta where i grabbed the Blog's name. I wish i had a decent reason for why i dont drink or do recreational drugs, but i dont, I just think its sorta stupid, so I dont do them. Dont mind people who do though. Long as they dont try to force them on me.
But thats enough about me.
So Goodbye.
Hope i remember i created this.
Really hope people actually read this.
That be cool if people did.


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